This is a really easy recipe that captures the zingy tang of citrus season and extends it throughout the year. The lemons take about a month to be ready but last for over 6 months in the fridge. I usually seal the top with a thin layer of rapeseed or olive oil after each use. Use in casseroles, rice dishes, dressings and marinades.


8 lemons, organic if possible

5 tablespoons of flaky sea salt


sharp knife

1L, thoroughly cleaned 


Wash lemons and remove the stems. 

Put a teaspoon of salt into the bottom of the jar.
Working in batches, cut the lemons into quarters and press lightly into the salt. Leave aside for a few seconds and then place into the jar, squeezing out the juice and pressing down thoroughly.

If needed top with a small bit of water, but there should be enough lemon juice.

Store in a cool place for a week and then transfer to the fridge where the lemons should be ready to use after a month, once the skins are translucent. 



 © 2020 by Seáneen Sullivan.